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Atelier’s technology will define the future of lab grown meat.

The Importance of Cultivated Meat


Using animals to convert plants to meat is very inefficient. 77% of global farmland is taken up by livestock, even though it accounts for only 18% of calories consumed by humans ( Growing beef directly is up to 4,000% more efficient than using land. This lends itself to massive environmental sustainability and economic shifts.

 Public Health

Cultivated meat has the potential to be better tasting, higher quality, and free from food-borne diseases. Current industrial agriculture practices create an environment of disease and dangerous waste. Livestock waste also causes water pollution, which is dangerous to public health, especially in areas where clean water is scarce (

Quality of Life

Human and animal conditions are at an all-time low in industrial agriculture. Factory farmers, commonly working 12- hour shifts, struggle to avoid hazards in the workplace to earn a living wage ( The life of an industrial animal is one of chronic suffering. It’s time to end the torture and provide better opportunities for both human and animal populations.


Our Technical Approach to Structured Meat

Raw Beef with Herbs and Spices_edited.jpg

Our Scaffold is Unique

The scaffold is the framework on which cells attach and grow and form the meat.


The Atelier scaffold is a living scaffold containing key factors needed for cell response. The Atelier scaffold mediates cell attachment, proliferation, and most importantly cell alignment leading to a "structured meat."

The scaffold and cells are from the same species. That is key to forming a more natural and delicious meat tissue.

The striations in the meat is a result of proper cell alignment.

The striations give the meat form, structure and ultimately flavor.

Atelier Meat Technology

The key to product quality is the combined use of intra-species scaffolds and cells.
For example, cow scaffolds with cow cells.

Atelier Technology

The Growing Market

The key to product quality is the combined use of intra-species scaffolds and cells.
For example, cow scaffolds with cow cells.

The cultured meat market is taking a bite out of the traditional meat market. It is currently anticipated to grow to

$2.8 billion by 2030.

The market accounts for only 1% of the total meat market, which is valued at $217 billion for 2030. We have a huge opportunity to take the bigger bite, raising the trajectory from 1% to 2%.


That’s an extra $2 billion by continuously improving new technologies.


Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 7.58.18 PM.png

Sector Facts

Multiple benefits associated with cultured meat, including low environmental impact, eliminating the need to raise animals, and decrease in public health risks boost the global cultured meat market growth. (

Key Market Segments


1. Red Meat

2. Poultry

3. Seafood


1. Household
2. Food Services

Regional Leaders

1. Asia-Pacific
2. North America

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