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Image by Talha Hassan

What is Atelier Meats?

Atelier Meats is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing quality meats that are tasteful, healthy and competitively priced for human consumption.

What kinds of meats are you developing?

We initially plan on developing bovine (cow) based meat products such as steaks. Pork, chicken and lamb will soon follow.

What is cultured meat?

Cultured meat is grown in a laboratory using advanced technologies in cell culture and tissue engineering.  With tremendous improvements in these technologies and process engineering, it is now becoming possible to manufacture cultured meat in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

How is Atelier Meats different from other meat companies?

Atelier Meats believes that the creation of a quality cultured meat product relies on the utilization of a well-defined “biological scaffold” on which to grow the cells that make the meat. It is well understood that biological scaffolds play an important role in tissue regeneration in the human body as well as in all animals. Atelier Meats will utilize our proprietary enriched extracellular matrix (ECM) based scaffold to grow meat.  An ECM allows for better cell attachment, proliferation and cell-to-cell interaction. This leads to better quality and more natural meat products. We will also be able to reduce the cost of media components by allowing the living ECM matrix to induce cell-to-cell interactions.

How does Atelier Meats view other traditional animal farming companies?

We see traditional animal farming companies as potential partners in developing and implementing these technologies so as to bring a cleaner, more ethical approach to bringing quality meat to the dinner table.

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